"They will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen." Over-the-top rhetoric is the norm when it comes to North Korea, but when President Trump talks of unleashing "fire and fury" on Pyongyang, that's a real-time geopolitical risk.

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I am still waiting for her new Korea drama and movie. I'm still hoping that ABS CBN will get and air Hotel King... Their maturity together with her co star Nee Dong Wook is really natural to the extent that they look like real couple (hoping..them badly)...:) #fighting The first time I saw Lee Da Hae acting, was in Miss Ripley. 2 weeks ago I rewatched the drama and I felt her pain. I watch their drama series (My Girl and now i'm watching Hotel King) they are so lovable team up. I support this actress fully what ever she does...i know plastic surgery kills some of expression , i still think she has done so much in MY GIRL acting , she can be forgiven for trying to make herself barbie doll in animation movies. BEFORE she decided to go and get plastic surgery... what the hell was wrong with her .was beautiful enough and natural the way she was born and it made her characters so interesting and funny now.. sorry but i just dont understand what posessed her to change her appearance its not like she was ugly.

This concert was like an avalanche and was the start of great moments : my first LP, my first audio-tapes, my first star book, my first music videos !