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The ones that have made it seem to have gone down really well with audiences. Quite a few of Sarah’s monologues have been successful audition pieces – below, please find a few that you are welcome to use.

However if you are looking for something in particular, feel free to get in touch at [email protected] This short comedy monologue is suitable for men aged 25-36.

Until i would take a shower and that one thing, then funny dating you might.Claire – Getting Away (Cat Mask) Click photo for monologue. Will is a banker who has been left as a guardian to his damaged nephew following the death of his sister in a car accident. This mid-length comedy monologue is suitable for women aged 18-35. I am not, as thou thinkst, a thing so lost In woe and wretchedness. All whom misfortune with her rudest blasts Hath buffeted, to gloomy wretchedness Are not therefore abandoned. ’ So he says – his eyes are half closed, he can hardly keep awake – he says: ‘What do you mean, how much? [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”The Seagull (Anton Chekhov)” open=”1″ style=”2″]Nina: Why do you say that you kissed the ground on which I walked? Lord, never mind being human even – better to be an ox, better to be a simple horse, just so long as you work – anything rather than a young lady who rises at noon, then drinks her coffee in bed, then takes two hours to dress… In hot weather sometimes you long to drink the way I began longing to work. It really is difficult to decide, you can’t begin to describe it. I’ll write all their names on a bit of paper, roll them up tight, then so be it. I’ll tell her that to my certain knowledge her husband has a rendezvous with his mistress this afternoon; and that if she’ll give me her word she’ll be satisfied with the discovery, without making any violent inquiry after the woman, I’ll direct her to a place where she shall see ‘em meet. Ah, if any man sought to kill me, I would cry out, I would struggle, I would not suffer…Strike, strike, Naaman, strike, I tell you…No, I hear nothing. [/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Tennessee Williams)” open=”1″ style=”2″]Maggie: Brick, y’know I’ve been so God damn disgustingly poor all my life! Always had to suck up to people I couldn’t stand because they had money and I was poor as Job’s turkey. Well, I’ll tell you, it’s like you would feel a thousand miles away from Echo Spring! My daddy loved his liquor, he fell in love with his liquor the same way you’ve fallen in love with Echo Spring! For thus preferring you, My brother, Creon condemns me and hales me away, Never a bride, never a mother, unfriended, Condemned alive to solitary death. If this is God’s will, I shall learn my lesson In death; but if my enemies are wrong, I wish them no worse punishment than mine.Many souls From cloistered cells, from hermits’ caves, from holds Of lonely banishment, and from the dark And dreary prison-house, do raise their thoughts With humble cheerfulness to heaven, and feel A hallowed quiet, almost akin to joy; And may not I, by heaven’s kind mercy aided, Weak as I am, with some good courage bear What is appointed for me? And let not sad and mournful thoughts of me Depress thee thus. What do you want me to do, write out a profit-and-loss statement? And if I don’t start getting up early and working, then shut your heart against me, Ivan Romanich. Mr Anuchkin isn’t bad-looking, but he’s a bit skinny, of course. And truth to tell, though he’s rather stout, Mr Omelet’s still a fine figure of a man. Now, if you could attach Mr Anuchkin’s lips to Mr Podkolyosin’s nose, and take some of Mr Zhevakin’s easy manner, and perhaps add Mr Omelet’s solid build, I could decide on the spot. (She goes to her desk, gets some paper and writes the names on them.) Life’s so trying for a girl, especially when she’s in love. Now, friend, this I fancy may help you to a critical minute. You (with your good breeding) come to wait upon us to the ball, find her all alone, her spirit inflamed against her husband for his treason, and her flesh in a heat from some contemplations upon the treachery, her blood on a fire, her conscience in ice; a lover to draw, and the devil to drive. [/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Salome (Oscar Wilde)” open=”1″ style=”2″]Salome: There is no sound. - And my poor Mama, having to maintain some semblance of social position, to keep appearances up, on an income of one hundred and fifty dollars a month on those old government bonds! The husbands I’d have, if I’d married all that had wanted to marry me! He hasn’t met the woman yet who knows how to set about him. [/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”The Duchess of Malfi (John Webster)” open=”1″ style=”2″]Duchess: The misery of us, that are born great, We are forc’d to woo, because none dare woo us: And as a tyrant doubles with his words, And fearfully equivocates: so we Are forc’d to express our violent passions In riddles, and in dreams, and leave the path Of simple virtue, which was never made To seem the thing it is not.

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