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The 24-year-old's high school exploits are documented in the pictures, which feature several young women in various states of undress and show his penis, reports.

Reports also suggest that some of the images depict Hogan's mother, Linda, in a thong.

"I have a house there still because I love the city and my folks still live in Kentucky and, so, I have a place there that I am going to keep because my girlfriend Ingrid [Michaelson] gets down there a lot.

Reality TV star Nick Hogan, son of US wrestler Hulk Hogan, has reportedly become the first male celebrity to have nude photos leaked in the latest wave of the i Cloud hacking scandal.

I didn't know right away, but I knew fairly soon after this season wrapped and then, of course, we got canceled.

I knew that even if we did get picked back up that my character probably wasn't going to be long for this world. As I have jokingly said in the last few days to all of my friends about going back to Broadway, 'Now I actually have to work for a living,'" he laughed.

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Danny Burstein and I had done it and I think [Burstein] was booked doing something and I was doing .

Someone who supports your wild ideas and believes in your art.

Someone who wants to know what you think and listens to what you say.

In 2006, Michaelson independently put out her second album, Girls and Boys.

The album, like her previous music, was streamed on Myspace.

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