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For IT pros, I think that the home lab has been one of the most critical tools to allow us to further our professional careers, prepare for certifications and go into the workplace with confidence.Further, if you're like me, the home lab does part of the household IT services.Because I’m always looking for an excuse to buy a new radio, I’ve been looking at the various VHF-and-up digital modes in use on the ham band. Going by New England Repeater Directory’s 2 meter page, here are the number of repeaters listed for each digital mode: (To be clear, that is just on the 2-meter ham band in New England.) DMR drew my interest because it’s the most widely deployed in the region (NEDECN, etc.), by far. ) In part, this is probably because groups like NEDECN and EWARN, as well as the the international DMR-MARC group.

I recently bought the update (not sure if I'm allowed to say price on here so I won't) but they give me a big discount because I had a previous MVH account.

As with some of the other digital modes, DMR supports things like one-to-one calls (though the operators of the networked ham repeaters ask that it not be used there) and sending of text messages / data.

So, I decided to jump in, and ordered a radio off e Bay: It’s a Motorola XPR 5550, VHF.

I’d like to create a single, loft- style room that also has a private little cocoon :) My interior design project We’ve just moved in to our new apartment! I chose to base the new décor of this space on the Scandinavian style I really like!

What we liked most about it was its open-plan kitchen leading onto the living room. Snowy Holiday House A warm and cozy "cabin" in the snowy woods is tucked away for those special holiday gatherings.

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    This provides centralized update management and more efficient use of bandwidth than if every machine in the environment were to download updates directly from Microsoft.