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Among the Statues are particularly eminent, tliofe of Venus Ericim, of Adonis and Ceres, and of Bacchus.

The principal are, a Head of Plato ; one of "^*'""-''•'• Pertinax, a very rare Piece ; one of Titus's Julia, and of Faufiina the younger.

and of Car- dinal Scipio Borghefs, his Nephew, by the Cavalier Bernin ; two antique Urns of oriental Alabafter, and twoexquifite Porphyry Vafes, the Work- manfliip of Sylvio da Vclletri.

Ruins, Hiftory and Lake of Minturna, The River Liris or Garigliam., and its Coarfe. On two Porphyry Tables, ten Palms long, and four broad, ftand the Bafts of Peul V. A very fine ancient Obe- lisk ; Infcriptions on it, 93.

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