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You will want someone to guide you through this strenuous process from beginning until the … [Read More...]Finding the "one" is not easy, but what if you thought you found the "one" but you were wrong and now you're trying again? Going through a divorce or separation and then trying to date again is rarely easy.[Read More...]So, you have now made the gut-wrenching decision to file for dissolution of marriage upon learning that your spouse has been having an affair. Even in a place like California with tons of romantic date spots, …“It’s about finding someone to share your sacred space with, to have someone in your life where it’s you against the world.” Take a step inside her condo and you see what Brashier (pronounced “brah-SHAY”) means when she says stuff like “sacred space.” It’s cluttered yet cozy, filled with warm, dark colors and antique-looking picture frames and vintage furnishings, including an auburn lamp with black feathers. Brashier’s relentless optimism and spunk served her when during the darkest time of her life, beginning in 1998 when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cervical cancer at age 37.She underwent a brutal combination of chemotherapy and radiation that left her so tired she couldn’t walk or speak. The exes were great, came over to help, but luckily, her mother came to live with her to take care of her day to day.

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One of the more complex issues surrounding a California divorce … Colleen Logan, a psychotherapist, found her parenting situation to be quite different from the norm. [Read More...]It's not rare for either spouse to have an emotional freak out when you get all levels of & interest in polyamory, from ol' timers to those just curious about the community or if it might be for them.If you're in or around OC and one of the increasing many actively living the poly lifestyle, or just experimenting with it, or want to meet other locals into it (maybe even to find some romance!In your profile answers, per the rules of poly (of one's romances open-with (so no secret-to) & consenting-of each another), to celebrate all your romances plus to show all your romances, both actual and one of those with hidden-else-unreachable-romances here to cheat, tell all your current romances (and keep this list up-to-date), and ideally share any related associates too (as who referred you), by giving for each his/her profile URL (else username plus URL(s) of the groups they're in so that profile can be found) plus telling what additional romances your relationship allows., including on non-members (as cheating on any outside romances), at least not via our members; and so nobody gets hurt from our existence, we do police this; for, per the core definition of polyamory, if one have multiple simultaneous romances, everyone involved must know & consent.

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