Social class and dating

When it comes to attitudes about work, Streib draws some particularly interesting conclusions about her research subjects.

She finds that people who were raised middle-class are often very diligent about planning their career advancement.

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He (actually the book alternates he and she throughout the book, but I find it annoying and will spare you) will start to resent your friends and then start to resent you. He has privately told me that he feels left out in our groups. My husband and I are from different social classes, mine wealthy, his pretty much white trash (his words).That statement made me drop the cantaloupe I was examining at a fruit stand. In her own roundabout way, she told me that she expected her partner to be at least a doctor (or, if she had to settle, maybe a lawyer).No one "underneath" her would really be able to understand her mind, let alone provide a suitable lifestyle.That's probably more a reflection on my own uncertainty about career, future aspirations, whatever, and Org, do I get tired of every potential date in my social class insisting on "a guy who knows where he's going in life", blah blah blah.Gimme a break; this is a coffee date, not a SAP/SAR background interview.

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