Who is andrea kelly dating now

Then it was "Oops." Disbelief turned to immediate accommodation. Kelly." But mostly it's, "I didn't know he had a wife." "He" is her husband, R. Andrea, or Baby Girl, as she is called by those in the dance world, has shunned her husband's larger-than-life spotlight.She says her priorities during her 11-year marriage have been shielding her three young children-two girls, 9 and 7, and a 5-year-old boy-from the fray and finding serenity even amid overwhelming controversy.Andrea Kelly saunters into the room with her stiletto boots clicking, her shoulder-length curls bouncing; she's sparkling like the crystal hoops dangling from her ears.Despite her famous last name, few in the room know who she is. Andrea has been ignored before, like in those posh stores near Chicago's Gold Coast or in Los Angeles, where burly bouncers blocked her from crossing the velvet ropes-that is, until the gatekeeper found out who she was. Kelly-the Grammy Award-winning R&B singer currently facing 14 counts of child pornography charges for allegedly videotaping himself having sex with an underage girl.Andrea Danyell Lee was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 28, 1974. In 2014, Andrea Kelly married 36-year-old barber and R&B singer Brian Mckee, whom she divorced after just two months of marriage after allegations surfaced that he was having an affair.And there are far more-serious claims of domestic violence.

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They married in 1996 and had three children over the course of their 12-year marriage.The brave teen made the announcement on his social media two weeks ago and his singer father, who has been silent on the issue, finally addressed the revelation this week saying: 'You don't really wanna open it up by saying that my daughter is becoming my son.' During an interview on a Chicago radio station the R&B singer seemed to imply that Jay's coming out had been a falsely reported rumour - despite the fact he'd come out personally in a blog post via his Ask.FM account Proud: Jay Kelly, whose father is singer R., Andrea is paving her own path and enjoying the single life. Kelly she is moving forward with the simple mantra of pleasing herself. At first I hesitated the thought of participating, but after speaking with the show’s creators on the phone for hours upon hours, I knew this was something I needed to be a part of. AK: I really don’t know what he said and I honestly don’t care. AK: My babies are 14, 12 and 10 and they are honestly my biggest cheerleaders.JET had the chance to chat with the boisterous Andrea and got a sneak peak as to what to expect from season two, and how balancing her dreams with reality keeps her grounded. But what really sealed the deal was when I found out my girl Nicole was on board. This is a self journey that I’m on, and I can’t be concerned with what outside parties think is best for me. It’s crazy, if you come over to my house these kids are singing the theme song, and even checking my email for VH1 updates.

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